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19/12/2005: We'll be back with a proper microphone in the new year. Merry Christmas!

06/10/2005: The first episode has just come online, with brief reports on conferences in Krakow and Bordeaux, a feature on Conrad Waddington, and conference listings. Tune in, and let me know what you think!


The script for this show is here.

Web references from episode 1

11th Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology, Bordeaux, 2005: Photos

9th Meeting, Fiesch, Switzerland 2003: Photos

10th Meeting (Bath, England) turned out to be offline

Ideas for future shows

  • Big journals file: listings of population genetics papers in the meta journals: Nature, Science, PNAS, PLOS Biology etc.
  • Big fish file: new papers by household names - two caveats: favours the establishment and everyone has their own favourites
  • General science policy issues - again, mostly regurgitation from Science, Nature et al.
  • Interviews with Edinburgh and visiting academics
  • Co-hosted shows with other grad students from Edinburgh, or visiting
  • Contributed shows from around the Globe - send me the mp3, I'll take care of hosting and syndication (i.e. making it into a podcast)
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